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Text for Page 049 [07-12-1861]

	       Mrs. Galusha.
for a mile or so, rejoining her at the house
after a mug of lager by the wayside.    Then
I accompanied Rogers to the house of the Ga-
lushas, which is near theirs.    We found
Mrs. G. (nee Sally Gay and Nast�s former flame)
in the garden, in a sun-bonnet.     She appeared
tallish, with not unpleasing features, eyes, I 
fancied, a little too near together.    She is cou-
sin to Mort Thomson, his father being brother
to her mother; hence her past visits at the 
Thomsons in Brooklyn and New York, when
Tommy Nast was a frequenter of the house, and
his captivation; to which Rogers had alluded,
saying that Tommy was �quite smitten.�     Our busi-
ness was to invite her and her husband to join
us in a fishing and boating excursion that af-
ternoon; to which she consented, in case of
his return from Rochester.     There was talk of
expectation of Mrs. Thomson, Mort�s mother,
favoring the Galushas with a visit shortly.     When
Mrs. G. was last in New York (at the time when
the Edwards� family went to Fanny Fern�s, to
make her acquaintancex) Mrs. Edwards des-
patched an invitation to her, requesting her to
spend an evening at 745, which Fanny quiet-

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