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Text for Page 050 [07-12-1861]

	A Fishing Excursion.
ly suppressed, returning for answer that Mrs
G. intended going to the theatre every night du-
ring her stay.        The next morning Mrs. Galusha,
in ignorance of the incident, called at 745,
when the family thought it strange that she
made no allusion to their invitation.  Nast meet-
ing her subsequently at the Thomsons�, took upon
himself the retaliation of behaving coolly to his
ex-flame, when she inquired the reason and
obtained it and a discovery of Fanny�s characte-
ristic bit of dislike to the Edwardses.       By the
way Mrs. Galusha was also a visitor to Mrs. Sol
Eytinge.                  In the afternoon we set off
for the Lake, Mrs., Mr. Rogers, the children
and I in one wagon, the Galushas, consisting
of Mrs. and Mr. G. and a Miss Gay, her sis-
ter (who is like her), in another.      Galusha is
a good-looking, dark-haired fellow with an Ame-
rican physiognomy; he had got himself up in high
boots for fishing, of which he is very fond.
As wh we bowled along the pleasant road, Mrs.
Rogers and I, and occasionally her husband,
discussed Jim Parton�s domestic relations to
a great extent and, of course, abused Fanny
considerably.  Mrs. R. declares that she�ll never 
call it a marriage; that Jim was �snared
into it, like a bird by a snake.�   She insists               
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