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Text for Page 052 [07-12-1861]

              The Rogerses on Fanny Fern.
that he had gone to bed.   �Everybody is obliged
to lie, who has anything to do with her,� he added,
truly enough.      The next morning he brought Fan-
ny to the house, in a hired carriage.         She went
upstairs into Jim�s room; where another violent
scene occurred.     In that room she lived for
three days, Jim taking up her meals.         Mrs.
Rogers was sick abed; Fanny saw nothing of
any of the family but Rogers.    At last he brought
her down-stairs, to the suppertable.      Mrs. R.
regarded her o carrying off Jim as a deplora-
ble triumph on Fanny�s part.   She pronounces
her �the worst woman in every way in the world.�
She won�t connive at any amiable fictions about
the marriage; denying, when questioned, that
they are or can be happy, and that Jim likes
her.           I got some particulars, too, about
Fanny�s atrocious tyranny over poor Louisa
Jacobs.     Inventing some transitory spasm
of jealousy against the girl and Jim in the course of
some household round game, Fanny abused
her like a very drab, calling her all the
whores and bitches she could lay her tongue to;
finally attempting to strike her, which Jim
prevented.   �Woman! if you do,� said he, �I
shall do you a mischief.        In consequence of
this row, Louisa Jacobs was sent off.               
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