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Text for Page 053 [07-12-1861]

              Fishing near Lake Ontario.
  Arriving at Irondequoit Bay, a pretty inlet
from Lake Ontario, (which, all ruffled into
white wave-tops by the breezy afternoon, and
with only a distant steamer on it, lay before
us) we tarried the advent of the Galushas,
and then, with an immense Newfoundland dog
belonging to the latter (coveted of Mort Thomson)
entered a boat and tried fishing.           We were not
very successful, boy Willy proving most so,
the entire result of our angling proving about 18 
perch and a bass, hooked by Mrs. Galusha.
She made a remark or two suggestive of a sense
of humor.    Rogers subsequently complimented
her, to me, as a striving, pushing woman, but
said she was an invalid.     He chaffed his wife
good-humoredly about her not providing any bread,
as the Galushas had catered in other respects,
trusting that would be a warning to her.
The shores of the bay were very lovely, as we
coasted them, in search of some better spot for
fishing.       At 6 � our party returned, leaving 
the Galushas to another attempt.         An evening
in doors, over the �Tribune� and papers.
  13.  Saturday.   A walk back to Roches-
ter, with Rogers.   At his office.    Mrs. R.
and little Kitty came to town in the buggy
under charge of Rogers� brother, and I parted               
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