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Text for Page 054 [07-13-1861]

	         Mrs. E. Heylyn
with them at the office of an homeopathic phy-
sician, to whom, in conjunction with equest-
rianism, Mrs. R. attributes her convalescen-
ce.        To Heylyn�s shop, loafing there with
him till dinner-time.        At his house all the
afternoon, loafing, chaffing and drawing
his piseatorial caricatures for the decoration of
his shop, to his great satisfaction.            It ap-
peared that among other characteristics of Mrs.
Brinton, she corresponded with fellows whom
she had never seen and ate arsenic to improve
her complexion.    Mrs. Heylyn talked dispa-
ragement of her privately, saying �Ed. picked
her up in the street, like any other prostitute!�
Of course there was no thought of her own ante-
cedents.   She, Mrs. H., is pretty shrewd 
, not a bad cook or housekeeper; and
use has had its inevitable effect in suiting this
couple to one another, yet there is a latent shrew-
ishness in the woman; she would sometimes
exalt her voie in a shrill, strident, high-
strung manner, horribly suggestive of her old
vocation.     She talked of London pleasures oc-
casionally, of going to the Derby with good look-
ing fellows, of never rising till 10., of Jessop�s
and the like.    She says she was born in Ox-
fordshire, somewhere near the Thames, and that               
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