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Text for Page 055 [07-13-1861]

            Talks about her Husband.
she spent her early years on a farm, near
London.    She walked to the capital with a
girl-friend and got lost in it, on her first
visit.     I fancy that she is very ignorant;
but that she must, for a time, have led a semi-
luxurious, courtesan life.    Barring a certain
amount of industry, she has all the harlot
qualities; a trick of depreciating the chastity
of all other women; of getting into rows with
them, uncertaincy and unreasonableness of tem-
per; capacity for almost unrestrained fury
on the shortest provocation, or none at all.
The Leroy people thought her a smart woman and
said that if �Ed.� had resembled her, he would
have been a rich man!       I asked her, knowing
very well what the answer would be, whether
Heylyn�s business enabled him to dispense with
remittances from Acre Lane, Brixton? �Oh, no,�
she said; �he gets money whenever that mother
of his chooses to send it.�      The fishing-tackle
business never extended over two months of the
year.       I suggested, why didn�t Heylyn get a
clerkship?    �He�d never have anybody over him,�
she said; �he was too proud for that.            He had
always been so.     He wasn�t industrious and
was very selfish.�      With all her talk of �Eu-
genie Addie Brinton,� or �Jeanie,� as they cal-               
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