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Text for Page 056 [07-13-1861]

	A unique Household.
led her, Mrs. H. was on as friendly terms
with her, as I ever beheld her, with any of her
sex.     They had had rows, of course; once a great
one, in which Heylyn intimated that �Jean� had
used retaliatory language � called her antagonist
bitch or whore, I presume.     Generally she was
placable enough, devoting a good deal of time
to that extraordinary arrangement of her hair,
to �cuttings up� with Heylyn and his wife and
to the vocal affectations before-mentioned.  It was
a unique household to be temporarily domesticated
in.     I had to chaff, lark and talk nonsense
all the time, or it would have been dreary; and
was, in consequence, generally popular.   �Jean� in-
sisted that I should dictate a letter to one of her
unknown admirers, which I did in incongruous
Rabelaiseque style.      She sent it, I believe.
At sunset I took a walk with these two women.
(Heylyn had written a letter to his wife that morn-
ing, which he considered had had �a good effect.�)
  Returning, I went to work on comic poster, chaf-
fed, larked, drank and talked till 11, and then
to bed with Heylyn.
  14.  Sunday.   A delightfully sunny day.  Smo-
king and scribbling, loafing, reading and drawing.
Mrs. Heylyn dresses herself elaborately and goes to
church; the first time since her accident.          All wo-               
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