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Text for Page 057 [07-14-1861]

	En Route again.     Canada.
men of whatever degree believe in the respectables.
This church-going never has the slightest effect
on character.       Heylyn, I and the boy employ-
ed by him at the shop went for a walk to the
cemetery of Mount Hope, in the afternoon � a pretty
place.         Drawing caricature No 2. in the
evening.      When the women retired together to-
night, they got to larking and playing tricks, and
as Heylyn and I sat smoking together, sharp
and shrill and emphatic, came Mrs. Heylyn�s
�You Bitch!� to her companion, in the adjoining
apartment, at which Heylyn laughed, weakly.
  15.  Monday.   Finished drawing.       To town
with Heylyn; got note from Canada railroad
man inclosing tickets.   Tried Rogers office, he
out.   To Heylyn�s store.      Return to dinner at
1 �.  Loafing and scribbling during the after-
noon.      To town with Heylyn in the evening, lea-
ving him to attend a Fire-Company�s meeting,
to which body he is Secretary.   Returned to house
by 8 �, he following in an hour.        Whist again,
during which Mr. and Mrs. H. squabbled
with one another.
  16.  Tuesday.   A rainy morning.   To the dep�t
by 7 A. M. in carriage, and off for Canada.
Arrived at the Suspension Bridge by 11 o�clock
or sooner, and did the remaining fifty-four               
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