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Text for Page 181 [09-16-1851]

              sarcastic, pride that apes humility breathing letter to him, intimating that as he has
so judged her book, and as it may be of use to her, in disposing of it pecuniarily (!) she
wants it back.   And delivering this letter herself, she sits in the Office till she had
the book sent down to her (!)       A richer manifestation of mortified vanity was never
concieved or executed   I do believe!
  16. Tuesday   Wrote to Alf Waud. To Holmes in the afternoon, where finding
a scrap of invitation from Wilkins, went first to Castle Garden & then to Brooklyn
and the street Wilkins stays at.  Supped with him & his wife at the boarding-house
table, then passed the evening with them at their own room, fumigating and tal-
king of schoolboy days and England, returning at about 11.
  17. Wednesday.   Drawing both fore and afternoon, � sketch of the noblest act
this hemisphere ever witnessed, Columbus landing.     Evening, to Mulberry Street,
and out with Joe, on an exploration to find Royal�s abode, which after divers
botherations we did do, the approach being down an alley �twixt two houses, and their
being two of the same numbered houses.     Royal and his wife within. Sat drinking 
and water and conversing an hour or two, then quitted, and each to our several abodes.
  18. Thursday.  Barth came. Out with him, to Genins, where I find he has
got some two or three hundred specimens of antique head-gear realized, from my 
and displayed round the store.   Another job in question. /     To Holmes, where
we sat conversing with J B H, he narrating how a terrific shandy occurred last night
at the Patersonian establishment.     That the fellows there having a custom of singing
nigger-songs at unseasonable hours, he put his head out of window, remonstrated an-
grily, descending in the expectation of lamming one peculiarly obnoxious snob yclept
Sawyer, (recently become an inmate;)  who made off.     Brooks trying a little bullying
Holmes went at him, and Brooks cut and yelled for the Watch.  Holmes got to
the Watchman first and gave Brooks in charge, so he was hauled to the City Hall
but subsequently at Holmes� desire liberated.   Meantime all the women were up,
Mrs Brooks weeping and cursing, and Holmes was generally denounced, whereupon he               
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