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Text for Page 061 [07-16-1861]

	     A Drive to Brantford.
be letting him alone and reading during his meals.
  17.  Wednesday.   To Brantford with George Bol-
ton; he having to get �100, sent as a present
by the aunt of his late wife; the draft for which
arrived within a day or two after her death.      He,
of course, mentioned the thing to John Conworth
who verbally endorsed George�s right to the money, which,
as she left no will, her husband only obtained as
on the ground that it was to be devoted to the pay-
ment of poor Sarah�s debts! � which be little enough
I trow.      This job necessitated the driving about
a good deal in the buggy, leaving me broiling in
it, while George went into the bank and after a 
lawyer.      Previously I had suggested beer, and
we had had a bottle of ale at a hotel; which buil-
ding at George�s desire we partly inspected, being
duly impressed by the fact that the Prince had lun-
ched in the dining-room.    After getting his �100,
George went to pay his lawyer, finding him at a
drinking-place and presently coming out to invite
me to have a glass of ale (I suppose in return
for the bottle) � but the lawyer paid for the three
drinks.          Brantford is a neat place, much big-
ger than Paris; over twice the size I should say;
and I saw in it some nice English-looking girls with
round hats and hair in nets (a fashion very much
in vogue in Canada) an introduction to whom               
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