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Text for Page 062 [07-17-1861]

                Old Burwell, the Surveyor.
might have made one�s sojourn infinitely plea-
santer than it promises to be.     George�s business
dispatched, we went to see a certain Lewis Bur-
well; an old surveyor, to whom Leslie (my Scotch
friend) had given me a letter of introduction
� really with the hope that I might be able to find
out something concerning forty acres of farm-
land owned by Leslie�s wife.          George in his
negociations for land hereabouts, had met Bur-
well, and had the usual depreciation to say about
him.      In the old man�s office he questioned him
about the locality of the land, which Burwell had
let to a man who was fencing it; deferring the
signing of the lease until he saw how the future ^|tenant|
progressed.        When we left, George assumed that the
old man didn�t want to give any information and
indirectly questioned a man (a Pennsylvania Dutch-
man, engaged in selling a drill-patent) whom
we took up behind us, about the land; until he
extracted from him the assertion that he let
certain adjoining acres, his property, at
the rent of 7 � dollars each � subsequently
commenting thereon to me and assuming Burwell�s
dishonest intentions.     Indeed he finds meanness
and dishonesty everywhere, and while listening
to him, depressed and revolted, I am not
unfrequently reminded of the moral of Hawthorne�s               
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