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Text for Page 063 [07-17-1861]

	A Letter from Boweryem.
story of the man who swallowed a snake and
therefore became possessed of a diabolical perception
of the existence of similar reptiles in others.       The
remainder of the day I passed in loafing in and
out of doors.
  18.  Thursday.   Writing letters to Cahill, Bow-
eryem and the folk at 132 Bleecker.     In the
evening, after our early tea, I took a rapid walk
to Paris, to mail letters and get what might be
awaiting me.   William Conworth, seeing me about
to start, suggested the pony and finding I was wil-
ling enough to ride, asked George who was brood-
ing over his newspaper, in the room where we take our
meals, whether he wanted to use the animal; return-
ing with a shrug of shoulders and , �Yes.� (To
do justice to George, he did use the pony.)   Got papers
and a letter from Boweryem, full of boarding-
house gossip and read it sauntering through the
main street of the place, after a glass of ale.      He
writes in matagrabolized sort, on Sunday; which
he would fain call Cloud-day, Rain-day, 
Damp-day, Slush-day, Mud-day, or Gloom-day.
He has been half-sick and diarrheooish for three
days, induced by indulgence in stale raspberries.
He has a cough.          He ahs been disappointed in
not going to Fort Lee and �the sympathizing of
the ladies there has seemed to him exaggerated in               
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