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Text for Page 064 [07-18-1861]

	        New York News.
comparison with the pretext.   Cahill has been
noisy and boisterous.    Mary, the house maid, has
been as rampageous as a cat-a-courting, filling
the house with erotic yells, in her elegant social
intercourse with Phillips, Griswold and Cahill.
Pretty Mrs. Geary is hipped at her lord�s absence,
and not such good company as usual.        Mrs. But-
ler is competing with the Irish Giantess (Miss M�
Cook) for the Don of diamonds.     If he goes into
the parlor the forlorn spinsters will mark him for
their own.     Like the Frenchman on Sunday in Lon-
don he has �the disgust.�       Now for items about
folks.     Stockton doesn�t like his work on the �World�
� it is all hack labor.      He says that �in newspa-
per offices, literary ability is not appreciated or
sought after, but only a certain business faculty
adapting itself to the mechanical process of finding
and attractively displaying ostensible news; just
as dry-goods men set forth their wares behind their
plate-glass windows � an apt comparison.�     An
irate creditor of Phillips, late of the �N.Y. Illustrated
News,� tells Boweryem, �that that gentleman is in
Wisconsin, with a paramour, for whom he deserted
his wife in England; and that the woman passes
as his cousin.�     I remember hearing Phillips speak
of her when Haney, Jack Edwards and I paid the
Sunday visit to Alf Waud�s � if I am not mistaken               
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