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Text for Page 066 [07-18-1861]

              A Boarding House �Lark.�
that I should go up stairs and see who was
my guest.   After supper, when I did so, I found
a lay figure with my military cap extended on
my bed.     I stuck a pipe in its mouth and with
Phillips� assistance put the effigy in Cahill�s bed
and then brought up all the boarders, women and
all, to see it.        Cahill took it, of course, in good
part and we all laughed heartily and ended with
beer.    Mrs. Geary wanted it put in Jewett�s bed;
but he came up and spoiled the fun.        Mrs. Butler
will go shortly into Ontario county, for a few weeks.
  Underhill is still at Cape May, enjoying himself
hugely.   Weston senior, goes frequently to Long
Branch, where the officers of the U. S. guards,
formerly British Volunteers, are spending the money
amassed by a benefit concert.   They have no men.
Their money will probably last them a week longer.
They are all officers � about thirty of them!      I can-
not get away till I get some money to pay up here.
I owe $30.     Meanwhile I shall go to my trade
at the first chance.            Haney has had letters
from Bob Gun recently; I have not.�        Thus Bow-
eryem.          Returning, I was accosted by Hart,
a young Paris attorney, bound for George Bolton�s;
to whose house he had been invited, in conjunction
with Baker.          He was on horseback, but presently
dismounted and leading his horse, bore me company.               
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