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Text for Page 068 [07-19-1861]

	George Bolton�s Meanness.
heap up a quarry of raw material of little
facts, all of them as suggestive in their way as
anything in �Eugenie Grandet.�  Without some such
employment this sojourn of mine would be insuffera-
  20.  Saturday.   With George to Paris; he wanting
to make purchases.  At the store, I bought a bottle
of London Gin, had a stone jug filled with
malt whiskey, and got some lump sugar; for we
additionally damage our poor coffee with coarse brown,
at my cousin�s.     Then I proposed a bottle of ale, and
Hart was fetched over to share it; inasmuch as
George thought �it would be too much for two to drink�!
That dispatched, we drove to the railroad-dep�t,
to procure a box expedited from Richard Bolton;
mutually to George and to John Conworth.  On the
way we passed a short, florid-faced, white-
whiskered Doctor Dixon, (�the man who killed me
wife,� said George, adding that he did it with the
best of intentions), when there was a talk, and some-
thing said of drinking together.     Returning from the
dep�t, our wagons met again, and George, in response 
to the doctor�s, �It�s too bad to make you turn back,�
answered, professing his willingness to do so; �I
don�t know whether we�re to treat you, or you us.�
We went to a bar room, with the result that I propo-
sed and paid for drinks for the crowd thrice.      At               
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