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Text for Page 074 [07-20-1861]

	A letter from Bob Gun.
sister was present.     The remark was intensely
Boltonian: I have heard similar things said
at Neithrop hundreds of times.  Mrs. Bolton
and William excelled in it; but the whole family
possess the characteristic.              At the Post
Office, this day, I got a seven-page letter from
Bob Gun; written at his private residence, 12
Godolphin Road, New Road, Hammersmith.
Here are items: Bellew and Bob, in conjunction
with Charley, tried several publishers about my
proposed �Charleston in Secession Time,� without
success.       Bob called on Boutcher and Clarke on
his arrival in London; has seen them since.
He intends going to Paris in a few days, on
business.      Bellew saw both Nast and Seymour,
on their way through England.      Abrahams bor-
rowed 10 shillings of Bob, to help pay Cahill�s
passage out, which sum he hasn�t refunded.
He, Abrahams, was employed at the office of the
Metropolitan Hotel Co., which was established for
the purpose of erecting a big hotel, on the Ameri-
can plan; but nothing has come of it; for the bill
was thrown out of the House.   A.�s father was to
have been the architect.      What the young man
is now doing, Bob doesn�t know; perhaps study-
ing law, as he talked about it.      He told Gun
that he left a situation of $25 a week in New               
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