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Text for Page 075 [07-20-1861]

	    His Doings in Britain.
York on the �Courier�!   I believe he got about $5.
Ledger is about town in London, but talks of
returning to the U. S.    Bellew lives at Kensing-
ton, as well as his brother Beckett.   The former
could do more, if he had it.   Mrs. B. hates and detests
England, and Cahill got into her good graces by
joining in abuse of it.       Bellew had to appear be-
fore a magistrate about an unpaid board-bill of
Cahill�s.      The case was dismissed.  Bob has been
threatened with a summons on a similar account.
�After all that has been done for him by friends,�
writes Gun, �the said young man has not even sent
a newspaper, to say nothing of writing.�    Beckett
talks of going to Bogota, as soon as he gets some 
money, which his wife is entitled to.    Bob asserts
that �without exaggeration,� Boweryem�s neglect of
the business of Gun and Co. has cost the firm
�200, and that it will take twice that amount
at least, to recover the position lost through not
getting the N.Y. papers regularly; and through
Boweryem�s taking no notice of letters sent to
him about business commissions, accepted by the 
Agency.    Bob, on his return to Scotland, went
from his native place to Caithness, returning
by Aberdeen, through the Highlands and past
Balmoral, arriving at that place on the same
day as the Queen, on which occasion he had a               
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