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Text for Page 076 [07-20-1861]

          Gun, Bellew and Cahill in London.
good inspection of the royal party, �but was un-
able from press of business to spend a few
days with them which he much regretted.�  Two
days coaching through some of the most roman-
tic scenery in the world brought him home again,
after an absence of two weeks.        At the end
of August he came to London with the intention
of going to Paris, and thence to Mecklenberg
Schiverin, where he has a sister at school, re-
turning to Scotland and so back to New
York by November.    But �unforeseen circumstan-
ces� in the shape of matrimony �altered his plans,�
and he is settled down for life, although the
chances are that he will return to America when
things are better there in the event of the Agency
proving not so lucrative as he could wish.     Cal-
ling on Ledger, the day Bob arrived in town, he
learnt (not much to his surprise) that Cahill
was in London, and the next day saw him.
Bellew, Bob met by chance in Oxford Street, just
as he was entering the American Stores to get a
drink.      Major Piercy is and has been for several
weeks living in the country, for reasons best known
to himself.    That bold soldier has taken the pledge.
Bob speaks of meeting him at the Crystal Palace
and of his state then.          Viele, our queer boarder
has got back to London.         The rest of the letter               
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