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Text for Page 077 [07-20-1861]

           Bill Tew�s and John Conworth�s.
contains talk of Blondin at the Crystal Palace,
of Train and his �train-ways,� of American
affairs from an English point of view, inquiries
whether any Carolinians were killed in Fort
Moultrie, �if the truth about it is known in New
York, more condemnation of Boweryem, questions
about old acquaintances, an allusion to Mc. Cul-
lough and the debt, details about Bob�s residence
and walks to business of a morning and minor 
matters.     A good letter and amusing.
  21.  Sunday.   At Conworth�s till the evening.
With George Bolton and John Conworth to visit
William Tew in the morning, whom we found in
bed; he having returned late overnight from a fishing
excursion to Pine Pond.         We talked fish and
pugilism for half an hour, bringing away a couple 
of pike, one for Conworth, one for George.    Mrs.
Hewet, John�s housekeeper gave us one of the nicest
of dinners; indeed, throughout, Conworth�s hos-
pitality showed in advantageous contrast to that
I had been experiencing for the last five days.
George credits him with this, but says that swine�s
flesh ad nauseum is the ordinary rule, when there
are no visitors.    At George�s, their presence seems
to make no difference.       Returning, he made a
detour of a mile to avoid a turnpike.          I remark
that time is considered of no value in comparison               
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