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Text for Page 078 [07-21-1861]

	More of George Bolton�s
with money here.     Furthermore George predicted
that the owner of the wagon we sat in would
want to borrow his team in repayment, for
a whole week, expressing anticipatory injury at
it.    The presumption was half-gratuitous, but he
felt it bitterly!         He told, too, other stories of the
meanness and dishonesty of everybody, until I ask-
ed him if there were no honest and generous and
kindly people around?   �There might be,� he said,
but he hadn�t found any.�                    The taciturn-
ity of folks here compels one either to imitate
their dreary example, or to talk at the expense
of appearing loquacious.   I have done the latter
hitherto, being desirous of thawing them into so-
ciality; at the expense of considerable latent irri-
tation at being forced into a false position.      They
seem to be watching you.        I�m out of the
world in regard to news.    Only three �Tribunes� have
arrived and my subscription commenced on the
eleve^|n|th.    Little Boweryem has sent two illustra-
ted papers, the Post folks, one, Cahill one.
  22.  Monday.   Writing diary nearly all day.
Had the pike for dinner, which disagreed with
George, according to his representations � possibly
from his being unaccustomed to fresh diet.        At
sunset accompanied William on his evening milk-
ing expedition.    He suggests that �we� might as well               
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