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Text for Page 183 [09-19-1851]

              19. Friday.  Finished drawing.  Wrote letter for home.  Down town, to French�s,
to Strongs�,  to the �Traveller� Office, where I found Scoundrel Hawkins. He editor of 
paper, Holbrook, Bay-State-born printer proprietor. (Always the case, some steady 
fellow believing in a partner-snob.)  Talk.   Engaged to write Story at dollar a Column,
gave them Chapter the First of �Ike Chivvles in London�.     To the �Leader� Office, talk
with Picton and Co, then return to Leonard.     Talking and laughing with Warren
at dinner, the boarding-house-virago faced Mrs Flowers imagined we were blaspheming
the victuals, (so we learnt afterwords,)  and following each, severally, as we left
the room, bade us find another boarding-house.   Told her I would with the greatest
pleasure.  Warren subsequently had an explanation with her, and she partially apolo-
gized, wherefore he�ll stay.   Says he thinks she was drunk; � her face says
so too. (Pope, who boarded with her, in Brooklyn bore witness to me of her
propensities).   Know she�s a brimstone and that the place has been hateful since it
changed hands. /          Mrs K called, anent some little drawing job I had offered 
to do for her, � told me Lotty goes on Saturday.   Won�t call to-night. I
can do her no good; � stand aloof is the word.  I resent not her whims and sulks
but shan�t go for �em.  Keep mine own dignity such as �tis.  /     Afternoon, copy-
ing M S.  To French�s, Genins, and Holmes.   Wilkins & others there. He
off for Canada.  /   Evening, writing.
  20. Saturday.   Out looking for boarding house, a posse of folks issuing from Mrs
K�s door, Mason &c, did not see Lotty.  To Weber, bootmakers.  Back; writing.
Afternoon, to French, to Bobbett & Edmonds, to see Brotherhead. (I think the
two former don�t ^|show| the cordiality they ^|exhibited| [word 
crossed out] when I first called there; �
[words crossed out] they�re ^|richer| now. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]  /     Post Office, Andersons, & Holmes.     And there J B H
narrated of a fearful last night�s shindy at Washington Street.     He having had a
glass too much, went home, walked into the universal parlor, demanded where
was the d__d scoundrel who had made the noise on the other night, (Sawyer).               
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