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Text for Page 080 [07-23-1861]

         Will Waud arrested in New York.
get the horse shod, the smiths told us a story
how there had been a battle at Bull�s Run, in
Virginia, with a loss of between 2,000 and
3,000 on the side of the �Yankees,� or federal
troops.   Accordingly we went in search of a 
paper and read the same news in the Toronto
�Leader� � three columns of it.  Among the minor
items was the death of �Major� Rawlings, the
insufferable �blower� and unmitigated nuisance
sometime attached to Frank Leslie�s paper.     At
the Post Office I got a paper and letter from Will
Waud, the latter narrating how he had been
arrested in New York; having �that infernal
skunk Dodge, of Charleston or Newburgh� to
thank for it.        Waud met him in Nassau
Street, Dodge being at the door of a bar-room
in a lieutenant�s uniform.       He appeared very
much confused, but after hesitating, addressed
Will, said that he belonged to the Brooklyn Pha-
lanx; that he had experienced very had times;
�being skinned out of every cent here and having
all his property confiscated in Charleston; which,�
adds Will, �I believe to be a lie.   I listened to
what he had to say and he then begged me to
take a drink with him, which I had to pay for,
as the bar-keeper would not trust him.�  Fifteen
minutes after they parted, Waud received a mes-               
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