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Text for Page 082 [07-23-1861]

	Napoleonic Pictures.
a natural grace and suppleness pleasant to
look on.        When George and I retired, it was
to a neat room with the inevitable feather-bed
(an uncomfortable English superstition) and old-
fashioned engravings, one representing Napoleon
at Longwood, evidently coeval with the time of the event.
Therein the French Emperor appeared standing
on a sort of lawn, in an ill-drawn cocked 
hat, his hand in his breeches pocket, a
protuberant stomach, and legs attired ap-
parently in attennated drawers.   To him, a
highly fashionable lady, considerably above him in
stature, and dressed in a long straight night-gown
of limited material, without any waist, and a
man�s hat decorated with a feather, which concealed
her features, was presenting a demonstrative boy
in brown.        Napoleon had all the air of propelling
his stomach, in an ill-tempered mood, against
the two.        The other engraving displayed an of-
ficer in a cocked hat and epaulettes riding amid
mountainous scenery, followed at a distance, by
a pedestrian.            I should have thought the mounted
person had been intended for Napoleon but for
the absence of stomach; the country would have ans-
wered very well for St. Helena               Both pictures
were colored after the time of George the Fourth,
the foliage of the same period.         Between the two,               
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