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Text for Page 084 [07-24-1861]

              Arthur Tew�s Hospitality.
them.     Arthur�s �I�ll kill a sheep if you�ll
stay long enough to eat it;� uttered in the quiet-
est, most matter of course manner, disclosed
the soul of simple hospitality.    His wife, too,
gave us one of the nicest of breakfasts; we had
rashers of bacon, newly-laid eggs, fruit, preser-
ves and cream, and better than all, good will
and friendly behavior.    After breakfast I took
a rather sultry walk with Arthur Tew
and George, to visit the farm of certain nephews
of the former; to whom he had acted as father.
Tew came to Canada with the rest of his family,
imported by Bass, their uncle, and John Con-
worth�s; to whom he left John�s present farm.
Arthur went back to the old country, dissatisfied
with the new, for two years, but returned to it;
as is always the case.       Returning to the house,
I got to be immense friends with little Mary Tew,
aged 4.    Dinner.          By 2 o�clock off again
for our return, by another road, which passing
through Ayr, induced George to order a barrel of
ale (emulating the example of Arthur Tew who
always keeps it) at a little Scotch Brewery.   A
rough road, involving the going through gates and
the fording of a pretty stream.       The country like
the day, lovely.    At Conworth�s by supper time.
The pretty housekeeper had been out for a day�s               
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