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Text for Page 087 [07-25-1861]

             At George Bolton�s and Paris.
  Back to Paris with George, and thence by a
very picturesque and rough road, winding along
the banks of the Grand River, home.          Dinner.
Scribbling, dozing and reading the rest of the
day.       Wrote a long letter to Will Waud, with
extensive details about Dodge.
  26.  Friday.   Writing till near noon, a letter
to W. Leslie and the preceding seven pages.  In
the afternoon got the pony and rode to Paris, to
mail letters.      Returning and dismounting at the
turnpike, entered the little house and read the day�s
Toronto �Globle,� Colter, the father and one of the
sisters of our little housekeeper, being present.   The
room was one of the barest, with but little furni-
ture in it; the girl sat knitting.        Returned to a
taciturn evening.   In conversing, George has occa-
sionally an agreeable way of sitting with his back
turned towards you.
  27.  Saturday.   At work overhauling �Paul Gower�
and writing till near 4, then walked to Paris,
meeting Hart there; who proposed to take me back
in a buggy, and did so; after I had been to the 
Post-Office and drank some ale at his house.  We
returned to George�s by about 7, tarrying at the
turnpike to read a portion of one of Russell�s �Times�
letters, from Cairo, Illinois, which was accomplish-
ed as we sat in the buggy.   Supper.      By 8               
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