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              [newspaper clipping]
      	OUTPOSTS AT HAMPTON, July 19, 1861.
  Last evening, at about 10 o�clock, a small party
of the Naval Brigade, accompanied by Major T. E.
Rawlings, brother of Dr. Augustus Rawlings, a vis-
itor here, left the camp at Hampton on an amateur
scouting expedition.  They passed on to New-
market bridge crossing there at about 8 o�clock
this morning.  When half a mile beyond, and just
as the day was breaking, they saw not far away on the
left a small company of mounted dragoons.  Turn-
ing to escape, they ran toward a negro house in
the opposite direction, but were surprised to be
met rear the door, and just before they had reach-
ed it, by a party of dragoons, mounted and un-
mounted, who fired upon them to cut them off and
assist the company first seen in surrounding
them.     The scouting party returned the fire
with pistols, their distance from the rebels 
only being from five to ten paces, and two
of them dropped from their horses.  The rebels
first seeing them coming up fired up the scouts
One of the balls passed directly through the head
of Major Rawlings, killing him instantly.  Capt.
Jenkins, of the Naval Brigade, was severely wound-
ed, and both were taken prisoners.  The remainder
of the party fled into the house and then through
into the woods.  Capt. Halliday, who was the leader
of the expedition, sent his secretary, N. P. Small,
from the place where they halted in the woods,
around on his way to the camp for a company who
should come to their relief.     They were not pur-
sued, and from the spot to which the had fled 
they could see considerable confusion among the
rebels, when soon after, they went away, bearing
their dead (as it is supposed) and wounded and
prisoners.  Mr. Small has not since been heard
from, and it is supposed that he too has been taken
a prisoner.  A negro and his wife, occupying the
cabin near where the shooting occurred, were se-
verely frightened and fled to the woods in terror.
The body of Major Rawlings was recovered, being
left on the spot by the rebels.               
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