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Text for Page 091 [07-28-1861]

	  Country Boorishness.
essentially kindly, only it has run in the narrow-
est of channels, and is flavored with puritanism.
Even Sarah had her spice of this; I remember
her condemning the freer habits of the Tews.  She
herself, as I have written before was one of those
women, whom I believe England can alone produce,
who carry the idea of duty and self-sacrifice to fa-
naticism.    As in her single, so in her married life,
she had no servant, to relieve her daily labors; in
addition to accomplishing which she actually made
the clothes of her husband and brother � both cutting
out and sewing them.               When John
came, this afternoon, and George issued from the
house, the latter did not walk up to his brother-in-
law and greet him, but sauntered askance towards
the garden; nor was there any salutation when
they met.    John took it as a matter of course; in-
deed didn�t notice it.     It was characteristic �
being much the same sort of welcome as I got from
George, on my former visit to Canada.      He scarce-
ly ever looks at you when conversing; sitting
sideways, or with his back turned.          I believe
George is as glad to see me here as his nature admits
of toward anybody; that he has no desire to expe-
dite my departure, but that it simply is not in him
to act otherwise.    Unquestionably he felt Sarah�s
death extremely; but it hasn�t made him kinder,               
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