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Text for Page 092 [07-28-1861]

	     A Letter from Haney.
gentler, better or more disposed to think well of
his fellow-creatures.  Indeed such events in their
effects on survivors are, almost universally, merely
temporary.      Character is unchangeable.
  29.  Monday.   With George to Brantford in a
big cart, like a drawer on wheels, he having to make
purchases.   In the afternoon, returning from a
visit to Paris, George brought back a letter for
me from Haney.    He projects a journey to Niagara
in three weeks time, and many visit Rochester, in 
company with Jim Parton and Mrs. Edwards.
�Sally and Thomas become twain on the 29th of
September, his birthday; following which they visit
Niagara.      So the thing will be over by Christmas,
which will be a blessed thing for all parties; especially
for those who ought to be the least interested.       Mat-
tie, Eliza and Jack have gone to Po�keepsie, to
Mrs. Weddell�s, a sister of Rogers.   They remain
two weeks.     �Mort Thomson is at Washington; Clif,
a quartermaster in Carl Schurz� Regiment.         Alf
Waud is home again � he had a narrow escape in
the Bully Run from Manassas � Haney has not 
seen him as yet � hearing this from Leggatt of the
�Ill. News�; as also that �Mrs. Waud� is �about
contributing another twig to the family olive trees.�
(God�s Revenge against Adultery � five red-headed
children!)       Mr. Wheeler, Bellew�s father-in-law,               
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