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Text for Page 093 [07-29-1861]

              Van Amburg�s Show at Paris.
is �tolerably determined� to have him back.    Thus
Haney, with comments on the conclusion of �Great
  30.  Tuesday.   Writing to Haney.  In the
afternoon got the poney and rode to Paris, find-
ing the upper village in a state of comparative ex-
citement; Van Amburg had, in accordance
with profuse handbills, pitched his show there,
in the shape of a huge marquee, within which the
�great moral exhibition� was in full performance.
Outside were other minor shows; so that the
place looked like a fair.       Recognized William
Tew, and he and another drank with me.      At the
Post-Office I met Dixon, who must have me 
with him to the tavern we visited formerly; where
I was made acquainted with sundry persons.
There for half an hour or more; the day glorious-
ly sultry � a New York July one.    Rode home
leisurely, reading the last instalment of Dickens�
story, and stopping at the turnpike for a gossip
about news &c., with Coltart.           His daughter,
at George�s, is Sabbatarian to an ultra
Scottish degree; I offend her by whistling, sing-
ing and professing indifference to church-going
on Sundays.      Almost a vegetarian in diet, her
notions of cookery are rudimentary and, half the
time, she goes about the house barefoot.   She want-               
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