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Text for Page 094 [07-30-1861]

     �They marched, the Elephants, two by two.�
ed to go to the show very much, yet on finding her
sisters about to do so, declined, as she wasn�t drest
all in her best.      She wouldn�t go to a circus, though, 
and thinks theatres very wicked places.
  31.  Wednesday.   Van Amburg�s show, including
his two elephants, pass our door at breakfast-time.
Writing, reading and loafing, the former du-
ring the afternoon in the co wheat-field, where
George and William were �cradling.�     Went out with
the former to some little distance, towards a neigh-
bor�s, but a rain-storm drove me back.    Royal
summer weather.

  1.  Thursday.   Writing story in the forenoon.
After dinner walked to Paris with George; going
presently to the hotel where (after George had
transacted some business at a bank next door)
we were joing by Baker, and transitorilly by
Hart and Dixon.          Returning, at about sun-
set, George and I attempted a bathe in the
Grand River, which is shallow, swift and
horribly stony; insomuch that our bathe proved
a wash, in clambering to which, down the
steep and rocky banks, my boots (cloth ones
and not of the newest) became mere rags of               
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