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Text for Page 095 [08-01-1861]

	    George�s Farming.
cloth and leather; notwithstanding which we
tramped merrily homewards through the dark-
ening and odorous fields.
  2.  Friday.   Reading Dumas and writing
Paul Gower, the first till 10, the second till 4;
when I attempted another bathe with
William Conworth; at the cost of a mile and
a half�s sultry walk to a spot perhaps a quarter
of a mile nearer to us than the scene of yester-
day�s bathe.      This proved a repetition of it.
In the evening with George, to visit Baker, over
four or five extensive fields in our rear; he
bearing us company on our return; after we 
had sat and smoked and talked and drank
on his stoop for half an hour.      As, I suspect,
is commonly the case with George, he combined
interest with pleasure, in this visit.         Wednesday�s
�cradling� proved such hard and sultry work, that
he was not sorry to accept the offer of a neigh-
bor (one of the average �mean� people in the vicinity,
I presume) of sending his horses and reaping ma-
chine to secure the rest of the crop.        Our expe-
dition, on the evening of that day, was to ascertain
when these means would be available.    Not until
Monday was the answer, George brought mar back;
adding that he thought he should wait.        However
during our yesterday�s drinking at Paris, he               
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