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Text for Page 096 [08-02-1861]

	Boltonian Characteristics.
contrived with some dexterity to obtain another
offer of reaping the wheat by machine, from Ba-
ker; and this evening�s call fixed the time for
tomorrow afternoon.          I have no doubt that
the Canada farmers do live a rather narrow,
pork-and-potatoes sort of existence; but I am
equally convinced that to George�s decendentalism
and Neithropian instinct of seeing only meanness
in his fellow-creatures, is due his account of
them.    His household economy, too, is just Neithrop
adapted to Canadian circumstances.      There, I
remember, in my boy-days, it was always the
rule, not to eat early potatoes and peas, because
they would grow bigger; not to kill ^|a| suckling-
pig for dinner (even as a rarity) because, when
it became a hog, it would afford a large quan-
tity of bacon; to pronounce all indulgence
in innocent natural dainties �a sin� (against
self-interest), and generally to put off one�s self
with second-rate articles; unless they could be
attained at other�s cost, when no persons
could be more appreciative than my aunt�s fa-
mily.    I say my aunt�s family, because I
believe the spirit was entirely derived from her;
my uncle, a simple, quiet man seems to have inherited
little of the nature of the old �pig-poker� his father,
which, avaricious, industrious and unscrupulous,               
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