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Text for Page 097 [08-02-1861]

	A Trick of George�s.
must in many things have been akin to that
of Mrs. Bolton, then Mary Edwards, and has
culminated in her son William.         The incre-
dible meanness of the rule of life dictated by
this spirit, its sharp-eyed acuteness in the di-
rection of making or saving a penny is worthy
of Balzac�s old Grandet.       It never seems con-
scious that other eyes may suppose it despicable.
Two days ago George hired a man, who applied
for work, at $1 per day, �to sheaf and bind.�
On the morning of the second day�s labor there came
a rain-storm; which determined George to discharge
his laborer.   He did this after dinner and, having
no change, came in to borrow fifty cents.   When
I produced two quarters, he asked if I had Eng-
lish shillings; because while they pass as
quarter-dollars, they are yet one cent less in value,
when changed.  (He mentioned this as the reason.)
The man was paid with one English shilling and
one U. S. quarter.  When George repaid me it was
with two English shillings!              He wants a
housekeeper badly, and has cast about him how
to replace poor Sarah in that capacity; of course
as inexpensively as is possibly.   There has been
talk of Sarah Ann Bolton coming out here, but
she, possessing the family spirit in perfection,
would, I am very sure, never cross the Atlantic,               
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