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Text for Page 098 [08-02-1861]

           His Unveracity and Selfishness.
unless desperately hard-up for a husband and
in the hope of securing John Conworth; to whom she
would probably prefer George Gardner � but for
the latter�s being a mere lawyer�s clerk with, as
George contemptuously says, but $500 a year;
where John has a house and farm.       About the
break-off between these two, George assumes that his
sister did it, in consequence of John�s Canadian
degeneracy; but Henry Tew told me that John
didn�t answer her last letter, though
Tew believes that he is still �hankering� after her.
To return: George had thoughts of importing
Sarah Ann as housekeeper, but agreed with me
when I told him that she wouldn�t endure the 
life.    Coming through the fields on Thursday
night, we talked about Mary Anne and the boys
in Illinois, he inquiring particularly about them.
He should very much like to go and see them, he
said, adding presently, �I should think they might
do better in Canada.�      That meant Mary Anne
as unpaid housekeeper and the boys gratis as farm-hands.   Pretty
Mrs. Hewitt is inaccessible; though George covets
her; for she �is very fond of John� Conworth and
has a better home than George could offer her.
We talked her over last night.        I maintained
that the probability was in favor of John�s mar-
rying her, after he had wasted more or less years               
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