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Text for Page 100 [08-03-1861]

               A Letter from Jack Edwards.
the quadrangular space of ripened grain at every
circuit around it.       The day a gloriously sultry
one.   After they had cut down all the wheat, there
was an interval devoted to whiskey and �a bite,� before
they all fell-to, completing the setting up of the sheaves.
This ending about 7, the men went off, only Baker
and a school-teacher, who called, supping with us.
  A little su^|r|prised at the amount of the assistance
volunteered by Baker, I asked William Conworth
whether that hearty person employed the men and,
whether George would have to pay anything? He didn�t 
know; thought it �very kind� of Baker, if the contrary;
and opined that the men ought to have been asked
to supper.   It�s my impression that this instance of
Canadian meanness was rendered gratis.     After
supper, as they talked crops, I had a doze and then
did a page or two of �P. G.�             I got a letter
from honest Jack Edwards, the other day, written 
from Poughkeepsie.   He tells me that the 2nd
Scott Life Guard were engaged in the Manassas
fight and that one of �those champagne-bibbing
captains � the owner of that case of wine they opened
in one of the bed rooms� � had a leg shot off.    The
Weddles, says Jack, are pious, and he makes
love epistolarily to girls at church.   Mat and Eli-
za, at their brother�s time of writing, are making
nightshirts for a Hospital Relief Society and talking               
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