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Text for Page 103 [08-04-1861]

	     More of George Bolton
evenings � a very porcine habit.
  5.  Monday.   Loafing for an hour, Baker tal-
king about an excursion for shooting purposes in Lake
St. Clair, of his accomplishing.     Back to George�s
by 10.   Reading Dumas, writing �Paul,� and at
3 �, a gallop to Paris, to obtain nothing from the
  6.  Tuesday.   Writing �P.G.� and a letter to Jack
Edwards.   In the afternoon helping to build a wheat-
  7.  Wednesday.   Rain or drizzle all day long.  Wri-
ting.    We have a young cock for dinner, which George
slaughtered yesterday, and which owes most of his
appetizing attractions to nature, for the Scotch dam-
sel cooks it very indifferently.   We are as silent as usual
at breakfast, talk gastronomic at dinner, and in the
evening absolutely institute a conversation.   I have
promised myself to, like Griffith in Henry the 8th,
�speak the good� of my cousin and here�s to do it.  His
antecedents, blood and training, are in the main part
responsible for the habit of life he has got into; which
like a narrow, deep-worn rut, he will inevitably pur-
sue into the goal of prosperity; although he has al-
ready attained enough to justify a more liberal existence.
He works hard, but likes to see those about him work
harder.     He is patient, his taciturnity forbidding much
manifestation of emotion, even of anger; which gene-               
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