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Text for Page 105 [08-08-1861]

	               At Paris.
in the store, listening to a noisy dispute between a
verbose American, a Scotchman and 
Patton, apropos of Bull�s Run; in which the two 
latter talked Canadian depreciation of �Yankees.�
Crossed over to Hart�s office, a big unfurnished
room; he busy at his desk, with a litigious bald-
headed ass, as he subsequently proved.    After a 
dreary twenty minutes, in which George said not a
word, but wandered round the room, looking at
the county maps, I turned out and tramped through
the mud and moisture to the post-office.  �Nothing
for Bolton or Gunn!�  Back again; George gone.
I had got into the street, when I was called back
eagerly by Hart from the window.   Litigious ass
had seen a sketch I had made, out of sheer ennui,
understood I was an artist, and wanted to suggest
a stupid notion for a caricature on the Bull�s Run
business.   Back to the farm-house, dampened
and dreary.     George sacrifices a lamb and we have
some of his internals for supper.
  9.  Friday.   Rain and drizzle and the most
depressing absence of all sociality or conversation, the
entire day.      Writing steadily from 8 till the same
hour, without scarcely opening my lips, except to
receive food or utter monosyllables.        And at the
dreary gloaming, when the girl had gone off to visit
the parental turnpike; when honest William was               
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