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Text for Page 106 [08-09-1861]

	         I get tired of It.
about some of his multifarious farm-yard avo-
cations, and George sat, silent as a savage, smoking
his pipe on the porch; not having offered or encou-
raged any friendly overtures all day, I got nervous
and savage and said my say to him; telling him
that I had come hither with the kindest of inten-
tions, that I could sympathize with him as to his
recent loss; but that his taciturnity and the iso-
lation was insufferable, and I therefore intended
clearing out within a week or so.     He was mono-
syllabic in reply; though he subsequently roused him-
self into conversation � about the despicability and
meanness of all Canadians � during the evening.
  This behavior of his has none of its origin in poor
Sarah�s death � I am sure of it.        Despite his let-
ters, written to me at that period, he has got as
completely over it as could well be.  He laments her
more as a housekeeper and upper servant than as
a wife.  He has as keen and mean an eye to the 
main-chance as ever, and talks of the prospective
loss of a dollar with a morbid misery which would
be ludricrous, were it not frightful.    It�s useless to
struggle against convictions which every hour of the
day brings fresh facts to substantiate � George
is what every one of his blood must inevitably be;
and what I don�t care to discount further upon.     I was
an ass not to recognize it sooner, and for coming               
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