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Text for Page 108 [08-10-1861]

[newspaper clipping]
  John Bigelow, late editor of The N. Y.
Evening Post, was this morning appointed Consul
at Paris.  It is a salaried office, paying $5,000
a year.

[Gunn�s handwriting]
August 10.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
drove by with another man in his buggy, stopping
to talk with us.        William and I got measured
for boots, at a road-side cordivainers, and anon
made a cut over the field�s to John Conworth�s;
where the pretty housekeeper bestirred herself to set
forth a particularly nice tea; as the family had
already partaken of that meal and were afield, get-
ting in the peas.      John appeared in due time and
with him, William and �Ted,� I went for a bathe,
in a good place for the accomplishment of that end.
�Ted,� an arrant coward in the water, preferred
Another spot, where he went in up to his knees.  Re-
turning to the house and the society of Henry Tew,
we talked, drank Mrs. Hewitt�s currant wine or 
John�s whiskey and went to bed by 10.
  11.  Sunday.   With John to William Tew�s, bring-
ing him back with us; though he did not stay to din-
ner.    Visitors in the afternoon.  A Mr. Smilie and
his wife (at whose house we called on our journey to
Arthur Tew�s).   In the evening, with John and Wil-
liam Conworth, to visit John Tew, not at the house
he occupied three years ago, but one upon the farm
which George Bolton was then thinking of buying, and
which John Tew has purchased.     William Tew was
of the party and we discussed the proposed fishing ex-
cursion to Pine Pond, which I had received instruct-
ions from George about organizing � of course entirely               
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