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Text for Page 109 [08-11-1861]

	        John Conworth.
according to his own likings and conveniences.   Re-
turning, we halted outside Martin�s, and inside
William Tews.     The day throughout, cool and clou-
dy, suggesting of the morrow�s weather.       I find
myself in an infinitely pleasanter and more hos-
pitable household than the one I have quitted, and
the contrast is remarkable.      I think John Con-
worth�s character may be put down as naturally
kindly and goodhearted, subjected to unfavorable
influences, from his early and long residence with 
the Martins.      William, his brother, admits that
he is �tight� � not in a New York sense, God wot! �
but the equivalent of �near� in England.       Though
the young fellow finds George ten times more so.
These Conworths barring �Ted� are intrinsically
superior to the Bolton stock every way, and not
withstanding a general lenity of judgment, three 
parts good-nature and one simplicity, they have
arrived at something like an estimate of George�s
characteristics; though they extenuate more than I
can do.     After all, his cunning is of the ostrich sort,
involving his blindness in the practiser.  �He did hardly
any work, expect perhaps at harvest,� said simple
William to me, of George, �when he lived at John�s;
he used to sit in the parlor reading, for a month to-
gether, and John never said anything.�  It is different
now; George works well enough, spurred by self-in-               
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