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Text for Page 186 [09-21-1851]

              hateful it is, in truth!     I believe no good or happiness can exist for or
in man apart from  the affections, and among them have feelings have pro-
minence.        He makes Selfishness, (in Theory)  the centre of the Social System.
He has wit, and intellect, energy, fire & go aheadativeness.     He has
discrimination of snobs, judges of �em - ^|He thinks Shakspere �slow.�|  He has spleen 
and envy of men
with more money & less brains � (I can sympathize with that, in truth!)
He was capable of seeing through the hollowness, the falsity & utter empti-
ness of Mrs K�s life; vanitas vanitatem � he knew, when I said it, as
we walked down Broadway together, that of all who visit Mrs K, there to
vent their dullness and get rid of otherwise indisposable time; there was no jot
of true liking and sincere feeling for her among them. Yet withal he builds
up a pretty little romance for himself. �He is loved at least,� and he
goes to his mistress.     Well.   It may be so!
  22. Monday.  Writing and drawing, Genin�s caps &c.  Afternoon out, to
Traveller Office, met Holbook, gave him sketch for poster for engraver; to Post Office,
and to Wall Street.     Accounts of the Washington Street shindy in the papers, though
brief.     To Castle Garden, matagrabolized walk, dull leaden rain-portending sky,
the face of the blessed Sun invisible all day.           Scribbled all the evening.
  23.  Tuesday.  Drawing awhile, Out at 12, to the Leader Office, found
Picton�s visitor on Sunday there, others came in.  Foster came in.  Picton not
there.  A strike had occurred among the printers of �The Leader,� and Tom
Frank who we found at the door below says there�ll never be another �Leader�
come out of that doorway.   Picton don�t care a d_m; is taking chair at a 
dinner in Brooklyn or Williamsburg.  /     To the �Traveller � Office, paper
with first Chapter of �Ike Chivvles in London� out, saw Holbrook.  �Traveller�
is ^|a| [word crossed out] weekly paper.   Back to dinner.    To Strong�s, leaving M S
of the �Story of Adam Lux�; to Holmes; then sent M S of the original
Ike Chivvles story to the �Albany Dutchman�, per post.     Dank walk back,               
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