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Text for Page 111 [08-11-1861]

	 George Bolton�s Greed.
death, not discerning how, whatever his grief
may have been at the time, that he has entirely
relapsed into his former self.    Asking William
whether he was different when Sarah was alive;
he said �not much� � he was always �very quiet.�
They appear to have lived in the same parsimonious
way, greatly modified by her skill in cookery and
industry � which George speaks of, more than of any-
thing else appertaining to her.   �She used to ask him
for things,� reports William, �and tell him he ought
to do so and so; to have this and that.�     William
thinks he has no Ambition!  In our walk to John
Conworth�s yesterday, the young fellow�s talk ran 
a good deal on the household; from which I think
he is beginning to be desirous of emancipating him-
self.     As he is twenty-six, I think it�s time.         He
seems impressed by sundry instances of sharp prac-
tice on George�s part, and actually pronounced some 
of his acts �mean.�    George lent a man $100, at
heavy interest, went to law with him directly pay-
ment became due, and the debtor had to pay $30
costs; which William thinks very hard and unfeeling.
He observed, too, what I had not, George�s �making�
an odd penny or two out of me, by way of change,
since the quarter and shilling business already chro-
nicled!            George�s letters and daily behavior
have always conflicted; perhaps they show what he               
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