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Text for Page 113 [08-12-1861]

           Some Portraits by Benjamin West.
dered and pomatumed hair, in all the excess of
the dominant fashion.  The Quen, snuff-box or
pincushion in hand, directs the attention of the
princess to a bust of Minerva.     The latter has
a pleasant, almost a handsome face, in its pro-
minant features, the nose, the eyes, the rather vo-
luptuous lips, involuntarily reminding me of the
young prince whom I saw aboard the �Harriet
Lane� � whose turn it now is to submit to flattering
painters.       The towers of Westminster Abbey appear
in the distance.                          There was another
guest in the house beside myself, a Warwickshire
woman, whom they called Bessy; housekeeper or ser-
vant to Hart the attorney.          She, Mrs. Hewitt, John,
Ted, Henry Tew and I were assembled together in
the evening.
  13.  Tuesday.   With John Conworth and Henry Tew
to George Bolton�s, passing through Paris by the
way; where I got a letter from Hannah and a 
lot of �Tribunes� � the which have hitherto been escheat-
ed by somebody here.       After dinner at George�s, while
John and Henry drive to Brantford, I walked over
to Baker�s, to get his company, to the proposed Pine
Pond excursion, going a mile out of my way in so
doing.     Baker was very hearty; we smoked and
drank for an hour or so, when I discovered that
he had some idea of George�s character by one               
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