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Text for Page 114 [08-13-1861]

	     Some English News.
or two chance remarks anent love of money.    He
came back with me and in an hour or two, John
and Henry returning, we all supped � a larger
party than commonly gathers around that board,
I fancy.    Afterwards we sat nearly till midnight,
getting up a theologic, orthodox, heterodox, Calvin-
isitic, universalisitic, predestinational, irrational,
aggravational discussion on the Bible and its belong-
ings � ending as usual, in such, in confirming each
in his own opinions.    John shared my bed, the
cords of which being relaxed, rendered it of a trench-
like uncomfortableness, insomuch that I presently
deserted him and, with shawl and coverlid, made up
a bunk on the settee in the sitting room.        Han-
nah tells of going to Neithrop, of Sarah Ann rea-
ding a letter of George�s � �very sad and touching,
just in the strain of yours� � about his wife�s death;
of Charlotte at Ramsgate with Mrs. Heri-
tage; of John�s going to fetch her home; of my
sister Rosa �writing very religiously  always now�; of
Charley and his wife going to Neithrop to spend his
holidays, of a wet, disastrous summer, and of the
writer�s own unmatchable goodness and tenderness
of heart in every letter.     I wish to God the recipient 
were worthy of it.
  14.  Wednesday.   In doors writing all day.   Almost
as quiet as heretofore, though George has, I think, been               
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