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Text for Page 116 [08-14-1861]

	    At my Cousin�s again.
They returned to New York on Friday, and the
next day Jack and his mother went to Rochester,
joining Fanny and Jim at the Rogers�.   �Is the
hatchet buried and the peace-pipe smoked?� asked
Haney.  �Yellowx-curl says it hath� (sic), �but the taste
for scalps endeth only when Miantonimo calls the
warrior to the happy hunting-grounds.�    Haney
has anticipated his holiday in Po�keepsie, hence no 
Niagara.       Alf Waud has returned to Washington.
No visitors at 745,� except Thomas.         Sally is learn-
ing German!�      Thus Haney, who thus gravita-
tes towards pretty Matty, who maybe will make him
a happier man than Sally might have done.
  15.  Thursday.   Writing the last nine pages and
a letter to Hannah, reading �Tribunes� and Emer-
son, with intermittent leafing.    George talks a little;
my remonstrance with him and the fact that
I am going away seems to have impressed him with
the notion that my experience of the last month may
be transformed into hospitality by an occasional re-
mark.      I�d like to cheat myself into that belief, but
the �facts are chiels that winna ding and downa be
  16.  Friday.   Finishing letter to Hannah in the
forenoon packing up and doing chores incidental to
		x Matty.               
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