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Text for Page 117 [08-16-1861]

	   Off, thank Goodness!
departure.    The Scotch girl and William showed 
very kindly concerning it, in minor ways, George
saying nothing.    Only when I had got quite ready,
he exhibited a characteristic trait.     I had told him
on my return from Conworth�s of my intention to ac-
cept the invitation of hearty William Tew and that on
our setting out on the Pine Pond excursion that I should
take baggage, leaving it at Tew�s; involving the sup-
position that we should go in a vehicle.     Observing
none in preparation, William asked him how he intend-
ed to go?   �Walk!� he replied, going upstairs to dress.
That stirred me, and I spoke reminding him of my
announcement.  He demurred about his not owning
a vehicle.    �Use that blessed old wagon;� I said � �it
is good enough for us to go to Paris in, and if you
can drive thither and brave remark you needn�t be afraid of meet-
ing many people beyond.�      The real objective lay
in his desire not to furnish a horse to the expedition;
though he has two, neither of which would be used
on the morrow � no more than the cart, as the wheat
crop had all been got in as I very well knew.      I told
him that not driving thither would involve my troubling
Tew or Conworth to fetch my baggage.   Presently
he sent William to borrow a neighbor�s trap (which
was immediately lent) immolated his pony and off
we started.      At Paris he invited me to drink, pur-
chasing a quart and half-pint of whiskey (at twelve               
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