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Text for Page 118 [08-16-1861]

	 Again at John Conworth�s.
cents the quart) and obtaining gratis drinks of an
article at double that price, under the old pretext of �trying�
it.     At the Post-office he, as usual, allowed me to pay
for his mail as well as my own, and must have suf-
fered from his neglect in not specifying that of Conworth,
the Tews and Martin�s, until I had got into the buggy
and opened a letter; when he descended himself and
had to risk advancing two or three cents, which might not
be repaid.   To William Tews.   Found him fishing in the
pretty �creek� which lies a field off, at the rear of his
house � getting bait for the morrow.     Left my baggage,
and then (after George and I had been to Conworth�s and supped there) the three of us to Martins, and he not being
at home to John Tew�s, with the like lack of success.  But
we found the latter at a roadside �Farmer�s Rest,� where
we alighted, talked and drank � first at George�s
suggestion and my cost; then at his � only he hadn�t
anything less than a dollar-bill and so took credit.   After
considerable stay, we entered the wagon again, stopped
at the shoemakers (where I got boots) and drove to John
Tew�s, remaining there while he made his preparations
for the morrow, and taking �a bite.�   By 10 �, I left the
two hearty brothers at William�s house, George remaining
with them, to start at 3 for the Pond, and walked 
to Conworth�s finding all abed on my return but the
pretty housekeeper.      I got two letters to-day from
the Post-office, one from my mother, containing an
order for �1.8 from the �Illustrated London News,�               
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