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Text for Page 038 [10-06-1849]

              having by the energetic action of the fist appertaining knocked
down printer John Rankin, who with nose bleeding crouches on
the floor. He, coming home partly drunk had thereto provoked
Ben, by the endeavour to hand him out o� bed.  Two rough
looking fellows are sitting up in bed looking on � as also am I, 
having, candle in hand, come from the adjoining room, where Wing
lies snoring.  The scene was rich � nor was I, with my
by beard and light, out of keeping.    Now Asmodeus � next
room if you please.   There sits Brinsley up in bed, gazing with
a look of maudlin drunken wonder, at the wide open window,
with the driving hurricane of rain and wind pouring in; �
meantime the blinds outside are slamming backward and forward. 
Below there lies the young wife, M.		What say you to
these diversities O lover of Tobits� wife � are they not equal to
those of sunny Madrid?
  7. Sunday.   Wrote a prodigiously long letter to M.  Still 
suicidal weather � no stirring out.
  8. Monday.  Drawing all day.  Ben practising the same in
the room with me.	Fred Greatbatch came for the paternal
shirt left by Joe.      Evening Hughey fiddling in our room � 
Wing came in from a days fishing, ill and feverish.   John Haun
becomes and inmate of our room for the night only; and at this moment is sitting
on the end of my bed, undressing to couch with Wing.               
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