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Text for Page 122 [08-17-1861]

	    Fishing and Loafing.
But first we ate and drank both heartily.   Then
Henry Tew (who, being very religious and assured
of his salvation, was much more apprehensive of ex-
periencing it in an untimely manner than we sinners)
allowing his brother John and Smilie to row him
out in the best boat, while George and I embarked 
in the crazier concern and tried fishing, without
success, though we paddled to divers places.
It was deliciously cool, though sunny on the water.
Presently we returned and I reembarked in the
same boat with William Tew, keeping him com-
pany for the remainder of the day.     The four who
preceded us had caught some fine pike before our 
arrival, but I think only one was taken subse-
quently, by John Tew, in the row for Harry�s bene-
fit, though William (the sportsman of the family)
was anxious that I should be entertained by the cap-
ture of one.        I fished for perch with my usual
lack of success.    Also I did a good deal of paddling
and, at my comrades request, singing.        We return-
ed to the shore by about 4 �, when John Con-
worth, Martin and Henry Tew, at the request
of the latter started to return, I remaining with
the hearty Warwickshire brethren and George Bolton.
The day became a little overcast, promising rain, though
but, few drops fell.        William fished, I paddled.
Anon the time arrived for departing and we had to               
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