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Text for Page 123 [08-17-1861]

	      William Tew�s Farm
paddle through the two miles of shallow water
and dead trees, submerged and standing, which
lie between the lake proper and the mill, whence
the boats had been borrowed.    It was as desolate,
yet picturesque a region as any I have ever witnes-
sed.    Our progress involved some hard work
and any amount of torturous circum-paddligation.
Once we got aground, on a sunken tree, lying
evenly balanced athwart it.      George Bolton, John
Tew and Smilie preceded us.        At the mill at len-
gth.      A protracted drive home, I riding with
William and George.    Our halting at a tavern
necessitated a return to it, after we had rid-
den over a mile; for a messenger was dispatched
after us, in apprehension about a certain $1 bill
which George had produced, and which the publican
suspected the party of re-pocketing!    It was dis-
covered behind the counter.       At William Tew�s
by midnight where George and I share one bed.
  18.  Sunday.   A delicious breakfast on the results
of yesterday�s expedition.   Anon a walk with George
and William Tew about the domain of the latter.
It is delightfully well-wooded and watered, and
we strolled in the woods surrounding the �creek�
or pretty stream, admiring the beauty and variety
of the trees.    In some parts, logs and timber lay
about in profusion, brought thither by the spring               
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